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Description of Services

Please take time to read the following description of our PRIVATE CLIENT – ESTATE ADMINISTRATION SERVICES to ensure we provide a quote for the correct service(s) you require:


What does this service include?

We will obtain the Grant of Representation in the estate on behalf of the personal representative(s). To do this, we will:

  • send a detailed fact find to the personal representative(s) to enable the relevant information to be collated;
  • prepare the necessary paperwork to obtain the Grant based on the information provided to us by the personal representative(s);
  • meet with the personal representative(s) at our office (if required) to have the necessary paperwork signed and sworn as appropriate;
  • calculate the inheritance tax liability (if any) and, if inheritance tax is payable, advise the personal representative(s) on practically how this can be paid and assist them with arranging for sufficient inheritance tax to be paid to enable the Grant to be issued;
  • submit the necessary paperwork to HMRC Inheritance Tax Office and/or the Probate Registry as appropriate in the circumstances; and
  • liaise with HMRC Inheritance Tax Office and the Probate Registry as required to enable the Grant to be issued.

Our role in the estate will not include liaising with any third party institutions and/or beneficiaries to obtain details about the estate, nor will it include any general estate administration. Once the Grant is issued by the Probate Registry it will be provided to the personal representative(s) for their use in the estate administration and our involvement in the estate will be concluded.

If you decide to use the grant only service, the fee estimate provided does not include liaising with any third party other than HMRC Inheritance Office and the Probate Registry. Nevertheless, we can still assist you with ancillary matters that arise during the grant only service. If there are any such matters you need assistance with we will discuss them with you and agree fees separately.


What does this service include?

Firstly, this includes the matters listed in the bullet points under the Grant Only Service.

In addition, we will undertake the general estate administration on behalf of the personal representative(s) of the estate. This will include:

  • liaising with relevant third party financial institutions to ascertain the assets and liabilities of the estate;
  • collecting in the estate assets;
  • settling the estate liabilities (using the estate assets only);
  • liaising with any beneficiaries of the estate;
  • preparing estate accounts for approval by the personal representative(s); and
  • distributing the estate in accordance with the Will or the intestacy rules as appropriate.

Our role in the estate would not include any of the following matters unless specifically agreed by us with the personal representative(s). We can provide isolated quotes for any of these matters once specific further information about the estate has been provided.

  • dealing with the deceased’s income tax and capital gains tax reporting in respect of their outstanding lifetime affairs.
  • dealing with the personal representative(s) income tax and capital gains tax reporting for the estate administration period.
  • dealing with any claims made by third parties against the estate.
  • dealing with the sale or transfer of real property.
  • dealing with the registration with HMRC of any trust created as a result of the death.
  • administering any trust created as a result of the death.
  • varying the Will of the deceased or the position left on intestacy.
  • obtaining a Grant (or equivalent) in any jurisdiction other than England and Wales to enable foreign assets to be administered.

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